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Germany crisis cancelled: The 1:2 in France „was fun“

The pressure on the DFB eleven remains, but has decreased after the change of course of national coach Jogi Löw at the 1:2 in France. The world champion, on the other hand, remained undefeated in the 15th game in a row.

Paris – Germany may have suffered a 1:2 victory in the Nations League in France on Tuesday – but the big crisis in the team of long-term coach Joachim Löw has been cancelled for the time being. The courageous and strong appearance of a completely renewed DFB team as well as Löw’s new willingness to renew first had a calming effect on the fallen world champion. Of course, the pressure will remain high.

„The performance of the team was great. Within two days it was an incredible increase in performance,“ said Löw, whose squad had conceded a sobering 3-0 win in the Netherlands on Saturday. If his players had taken advantage of the good chances in the first half after Toni Kroos scored the lead with a converted penalty kick, world champions France would probably not have remained undefeated in the 15th game one after the other. „The team was very consistent and disciplined, took their hearts in their hands and courageously played forward,“ praised Löw.

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A league relegation threatens

For veteran Kroos, it was „one of the most enjoyable defeats because the ball went well“. „We can get a lot of good out of this game,“ Captain Manuel Neuer remarked, „although his team is close to being relegated from League A as the last team in the group. Team manager Oliver Bierhoff recognized „an important, good sign“ and hoped to see the birth of a new, fresh and efficient team in Paris: „I think so already. I think you’ve seen good energy. You’ve seen a will.“

France coach Didier Deschamps described the action as follows: „That’s the difference between a team with a lot of self-confidence and a team like Germany, which lacks a bit of self-confidence and which may not be as efficient.“ Double goal scorer Antoine Griezmann and Co. will be enough to draw for the semi-finals in the final match in the Netherlands on 16 November. „Victories are the best vitamin, and today we won a tough game against a tough opponent,“ said Deschamps. For the newspaper „L’Equipe“ France showed two faces: „A first half not at the level of a world champions team (…). But then character, to assert oneself.“

Good will in the German media

The German media commented on the 1:2 for the most part with goodwill, but not without emphasising the only suspensive effect. Löw, whose future justification was the subject of fierce public debate after the World Cup blasphemy in Russia and the sobering 0:3 in Holland, is likely to be given more peace in his work by his appearance at eye level against the best team in the world at the moment. The Buran Casino has an attentive customer service and stimulative welcome package.

„The evaluation of a coach is not based only on the results, which of course come at a distance and have to be there. But above all, you have to see a development,“ Bierhoff stressed. Doubts had recently increased as to whether Löw could still promote this development after twelve years as team boss. „You can see that Jogi does the job with passion. He made a conscious decision to do so in the summer. He wants to tackle it and knows that it is a way and a job. In this respect, I have also now seen his determination,“ Bierhoff stressed.