ITAM is selected as the first Hispanic American University sponsored by UBRI of Ripple

The Instituto Tecnológico Autónomo de México (ITAM) is the first Hispanic-American house of study to join the UBRI program which is sponsored and funded by Ripple.

In the framework of the program, ITAM joins the list of more than 30 universities that are already part of the „University Blockchain Research Initiative“ (UBRI) program. UBRI is Ripple’s Blockchain company through which scientific research is carried out on Blockchain and other technologies.

Latin America continues to be in the broad initiative of companies with interests in the application, adoption and development of technologies such as the Blockchain. The UBRI program seeks to provide support to universities in the areas of research, in the development of new curricula and technical-practical projects. UBRI allows each house of study to form its own projects and areas of focus, and from Ripple offers funding, but also technological and strategic accompaniment to both professors and students.

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To be part of the academic institutions that are part of UBRI they must have certain criteria, to begin with they must have 1) existing practice centers and professors and students who are already active and productive in related subject areas; 2) that are experiencing a high demand from students and have student-driven related activities; 3) that bring a variety of perspectives from a variety of academic disciplines and technology; and 4) that contribute to the overall geographic diversity of the program.

Ripple reports on its official website that it is not currently seeking new academic partners, however, it is expected that this project will continue to expand further. All of these academic institutions with which it has partnered are at the forefront of teaching, research, innovation in Blockchain, distributed computing, crypto-currency, cryptography, digital payments and other related subject areas.

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The Ripple initiative was launched in 2018, and seeks to give a boost to research and technical development in the world of the Blockchain. To this end, it has allocated some $50 million dollars as an incentive to the universities, part of which allows this program to be carried out.

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Among the objectives of the program are

-Collaborate in research and technical development to stimulate extended understanding and innovation in blockchain

-Create a new curriculum to meet the demand of high school students who want to learn about blockchain, cryptomoney and digital payments

-Stimulate ideas and dialogue between students, faculty members, technology staff and business leaders on issues of common interest